Shade: Real World Color Identifier

Shade is an application developed by yours truly, it is very versatile and light weight. It is currently available on the iOS App Store for purchase ($0.99). Any support would be greatly appreciated. Share this article with your friends and family and help me out!

Here is a quick description of the application:

Shade allows you to quickly check the color of any real world item simply by taking a picture of it or uploading an existing picture.

It is the ideal tool for the designer or every day user. You can easily match your new rug to your existing wall color easily by snapping a picture of it.

Shade saves all of the colors you snapped to an easy to navigate table for easy reference at the store, home, or anywhere. Shade makes color matching a breeze!

Want a new carpet or counter but don’t know how your going to match it to your walls?

Shade can easily help you with that, simply take a picture of the wall, name it so you will remember what the color is of, bring your iDevice with you to the store, bring up the Color History, tap on your color, and start matching!

Shade can easily be used to quickly and accurately match any real world color, it outputs the color in simple easily to read RGB and CMYK values for use in a photo editing suite or other similar software.

It can be used professionally as well. Designers can use Shade to identify colors they see in the real world and use them in their latest web site or mobile application.

Shade is a very versatile, light-weight, and simple to use application. In a couple of taps you can have the color you see before you on your device in a digital format.

Thank you for your continued support!

– William Vabrinskas (administrator)

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