Shade: Real World Color Identifier

Shade is an application developed by yours truly, it is very versatile and light weight. It is currently available on the iOS App Store for purchase ($0.99). Any support would be greatly appreciated. Share this article with your friends and family and help me out!

Here is a quick description of the application:

Shade allows you to quickly check the color of any real world item simply by taking a picture of it or uploading an existing picture.

It is the ideal tool for the designer or every day user. You can easily match your new rug to your existing wall color easily by snapping a picture of it.

Shade saves all of the colors you snapped to an easy to navigate table for easy reference at the store, home, or anywhere. Shade makes color matching a breeze!

Want a new carpet or counter but don’t know how your going to match it to your walls?

Shade can easily help you with that, simply take a picture of the wall, name it so you will remember what the color is of, bring your iDevice with you to the store, bring up the Color History, tap on your color, and start matching!

Shade can easily be used to quickly and accurately match any real world color, it outputs the color in simple easily to read RGB and CMYK values for use in a photo editing suite or other similar software.

It can be used professionally as well. Designers can use Shade to identify colors they see in the real world and use them in their latest web site or mobile application.

Shade is a very versatile, light-weight, and simple to use application. In a couple of taps you can have the color you see before you on your device in a digital format.

Thank you for your continued support!

– William Vabrinskas (administrator)

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Apple’s iPhone Event!

Apple’s iPhone event starts in about 27 minutes (at the time of writing this article). I will be trying to update the blog with all the latest news as it comes out. Not exactly live, but it’ll be pretty close. I will be tweeting everything I hear/see about so be sure to follow me @william_vab for all the latest updates on the event.

For now we only have expectations and speculation as to what the event will unveil. We have no idea as to what will be announced but according to rumor there may be an iPhone 5C and 5S being announce.

Now, the 5C is supposed to be an intermediate model between the 5 and the 5S. It will supposedly come in many colors and contain the same hardware internally as the previous iPhone 5 model, but in a plastic and glass enclosure, in contrast to the existing glass and metal combination. This model should be more affordable to more people as it will be a cheaper model made of cheaper components. That’s not to say it won’t be the same quality that we are used to seeing with Apple, with out a doubt it will be still be an impressive device.

iPhone 5C back shells in production


The 5S is supposedly bring to the table some really big features and components. Are we going to see a new A6+ processor? I sure hope so, but as usual with Apple the jump from the numeric device to its ‘S’ brethren is never great. It’s more meant for people who are coming from a much older device like the 4 or the 4S. It is supposed to have a new feature that we have never seen before, a fingerprint scanner. The home button is being redesigned to house this innovation. As you can see here from this leaked photo,

leaked iphone 5s redesign

That metal ring you see around the Home Button is supposedly going to be used to aid the conductance required for the function of the fingerprint scanner. This would be a cool feature to implement, and it would provide a higher level of security for the owners. Other than the apparent home button design change there is supposed to be a change that will appeal to the camera buffs out there. They may be implementing a dual LED flash system to the back panel of the device. The device may also come in a color that the corporate giant, Apple has never done before, gold.

Gold iPhone 5S

To have an iPhone 5S in gold would definitely differetiate the device from the others, just how the white shelled iPhone 3GS did from the 3G’s black shell.

Dual LED Flash Housing for iPhone 5S

This image shows the alleged iPhone 5S back glass pane with a large cutout for the Dual LED flash system. This could be useful in low light situations where you need an immense amount of light to take a photo, maybe while camping or something like that.

These physical changes could be a good selling point for most iPhone 4 or 4S users but for those who own an iPhone 5, it could be useless and frivolous upgrade. I would say wait until the launch of the iPhone 6 (if that is what it is called). There is no confirmation for these rumors and for all we know they could be completely wrong, the only way we can know for sure is to wait until the event begins. Stay tuned with us here at as we release the latest news from the event!

InstaURL 2.0 is out!

Despite the minor glitch with it’s initial release, regarding the preference bundle malfunction, InstaURL 2.0 is officially live and ready to be downloaded. It is lighter and quicker than before but most importantly it contains the feature everyone saw during the sneak preview, the gestures! The gestures allow you to swipe left and right on the alert to change between search sites and swipe down to input the last searched item into the text field. These gestures make it must easier to use and limits the amount of times you have to go to the settings app. Overall InstaURL is a big hit and I would like to thank everyone who supported me on Twitter and right here on

InstaURL 2.0 Beta

As some of you may already know, I released a sneak preview of InstaURL 2.0 through my twitter account. It can be viewed here: InstaURL 2.0 Beta. This updated version of InstaURL is going to contain the swipe gestures you see in the video as well as some other sweet features. Possibly themes? Open Apps? Let me know what you guys want, in the comment section, or send me a tweet with your ideas. I want this to be a collaborative effort. I want this tweak to be exactly what everyone wants as well as needs. Remember to follow me on twitter at @iphonerepo for daily updates on the progress of my popular tweaks. Enjoy!


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